Our Strong Heritage

Orkin began operating in 1980, in Harfield Village, Cape Town.

Orkin Environmental Services has had a strong brand heritage for over 40 years. Founded in 1980 by both experts and brothers in Pest and Wood borer control, Sam and Jack Zinn, Orkin is now a leader in delivering superior pest management, hygiene and health care services to the changing customer needs within the residential, commercial, and industrial market of South Africa.

Equal Opportunity and Service Excellence

Jeremy Zinn and Zulfah Sulaiman take the business forward

With our Head Office in Cape Town, Director of Administration, finances and Human Resources Jeremy Zinn and Managing Director Zulfah Sulaiman, together have successfully ensured that their focus has been purely on offering huge dedication to equal opportunity and service excellence, together with creative excellence, foresight, formal planning, and business acumen.

Industry Innovator

The Zinns brought about many improvements and innovations to the pest management industry in South Africa

Collectively, Orkin has brought about many improvements to the pest management industry in South Africa. We have worked on national executive committees for the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA), in addition to being members.

Client Satisfaction

We have a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Orkin prides itself in understanding our clients, and therefore uses a science-based, Integrated Pest Management program (IPM), tailored to suit and meet those needs, providing peace of mind.

Leadership, Quality Assurance, and Sustainable Practices

Success through leadership, relationships and sustainable quality practices.

Furthermore, the Orkin management team are dedicated to creating a well-respected and ethical working environment; fostering strong stakeholder relationships, promoting success through innovative leadership, quality assurance, and sustainable practices, whilst pursuing and implementing emerging trends in hygiene and pest management technologies, and continuous internal staff training.

Our Missons



•  Integrity     •  Teamwork     •  Total Customer Satisfaction

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    How can we assist?
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