Fly Control

Flies, as insignificant as they may seem, are undoubtedly one of the greatest insect pest risks to people, particularly in food processing areas, kitchens and restaurants. They transmit many diseases, which spread rapidly when flies land on preparation areas or directly on food.

Common House Fly

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  • Electronic light traps are the most functional and best designs worldwide
  • Glue boards ensure that no debris is able to contaminate surrounding areas
  • Pheromone trapping and monitoring systems
  • Specialised treatment programmes which eliminate breeding opportunities


Domestic flies are characterized as follows:



  • The immature stages occur in moist, solid, organic matter and are commonly found in the solid organic wastes associated with man’s activities.
  • The adults are frequently a nuisance in and around the house, food premises, etc. 
Common House Fly



Life cycle of domestic flies:



Fly Lifecycle


  • The adult female lays small, white eggs in or on moist organic matter in which the larvae live. The eggs are quite susceptible to drying and usually hatch in less than one day.
  • The larvae are usually white, legless maggots that avoid drying by living in moist, decaying organic matter. Before changing to the pupal stage, the fully grown larvae will crawl from the moist material to a drier situation. 
  • The pupa is recognized by the hard, brown pupal case in which the larva transforms into an adult fly. The empty pupal case is left behind when the adult fly emerges and is a good indication of when adult flies have already emerged.
  • The newly-emerged adult is sometimes referred to as a “crawler” because it cannot fly until its wings have expanded. After a fly emerges as an adult, it does not increase in size. Little flies do not grow into big flies.

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