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    Rats & mice pose a serious health risk to humans & food safety worldwide, & must be managed.


    Cockroaches pose a serious health risk to humans, & for safety worldwide. They must be managed.


    Flies are a great insect pest risks to people, particularly in food processing areas, kitchens & restaurants.


    Orkin deals with invasion of bird pests, such as starlings & pigeons, using a combination of approved physical bird proofing means.


    Insect such as fleas & bedbugs can cause not only physical discomfort, but also horror to those who fall victim (hosts) to biting parasites.


    Monitoring, managing & control of stored pests such as grain beetles, moths & weevils is a specialised area of expertise at Orkin.

Orkin have, and use, the most up to date technology and systems to provide our customers with the safest possible means of monitoring and treating against harmful and nuisance pests and organisms.



  • Our Company and technicians are registered annually with Act 36 of 1947, compensation commission, UIF, Skills fund and other statutory bodies, and is compliant in the access to information act.


  • Orkin employs Qualified Environmental Health Practitioners, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


  • We assist our customers to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), HACCP Based Pest Control Systems and standards required by Third Party auditors.


  • Quality assurance is ensured by in-depth audits conducted by our Environmental Health Practitioners on a regular basis.


  • We strive to build lasting and strong relationships/partnerships with our clients, working towards common goals in the achievement of the highest Hygiene and HACCP standards.
  • For information regarding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please email us, or visit the following website. Click on the MSDS tab to obtain relevant pdf brochures.

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